Collaborate from anywhere in AR

Transform any room into an infinite workplace

Spatial turns the space around you into a shared augmented workplace. Remote users can collaborate, search, brainstorm and share content as if they were in the same room.



Virtually feel face to face with lifelike avatars and shared walls.



Rich knowledge work tools let your team fill a room with ideas.



Seamlessly extend content from your PC and phone into AR.

Teleport your presence anywhere

Meet with anyone, anywhere in the world as if you were in the same room. Your meetings will jump to life with spatial audio and 3d telepresence that feels like being face to face.


Realistic avatars

Lifelike presence from just a 2D photo, you'll forget they're not there


Rooms align

Many rooms feel like one allowing for shared body language


From any device

Join a Spatial meeting from HoloLens, MagicLeap, VR, PC or Phone

Visualize your ideas effortlessly

Visualize and immerse yourself in any topic with just the lift of your finger. Share and organize 3d models, videos, docs, images, websites. Your work is automatically saved so you can revisit from any device.


3D Web Browser

Browse and organize tabs at room scale, immerse yourself in a topic



Words come to life with 3D models and images, visualizing your thoughts


Persistent Rooms

All your work is saved for later to view again in another environment

All your devices flow together

Spatial lets you extend your computer or phone by using the space around you. Virtualize any content on your phone or computer into our immersive digital workspace.


Desktop import

Drag and drop photos, docs or 3D models from our web app



Live windows jump off your screen and into the space around you


Phone app

Share photos and write or scribble sticky notes

Companies including Mattel and Ford X are using Spatial's platform to transform how their global workforces collaborate.

We are interested in how Spatial might support new ways of collaborating that transcend physical space, making cross-office connections between people more interactive and meaningful

—Ari Adler, IDEO



I think Spatial, or a technology like it, will eventually redefine our reality, making this company worth watching.

—Rob Enderle, IT Business Edge


I have never seen anything quite like Spatial. It's extraordinary. It's disruptive.

—Charlie Fink, Forbes


Agarawala was able to search for things on the web directly from the HoloLens and brought image results into the augmented reality environment by simply dragging and dropping.

—Nicole Lee, Engadget


What sets Spatial apart is that it's being led by some of the most talented user interface designers working today.

—Mark Wilson, Fast Company


Spatial could also become a viable solution for movie studios looking for more secure solutions for their storyboarding.

—Janko Roettgers, Variety


While many companies are focused on games and entertainment, Spatial is looking at how everyday people can use AR for everyday work purposes.

—Megan Rose Dickey, TechCrunch