Spatial is a venture-backed Augmented Reality software company.  We are building the foundational apps for AR as the next computing platform.  The founding team has deep backgrounds in 3D user interfaces.  Spatial is funded by some of the best firms in Silicon Valley including the seed investors in Uber, AirBnB and Zynga. Join our high calibre team and craft magical user experiences that help define the immersive future of computing!  Contact us



 Co-Founder and CEO

Anand Agarawala

Co-founder and CEO

Anand has a passion for 3D user interfaces and founded BumpTop after his Masters thesis became a viral hit, leading him to present it in a TED Talk.  BumpTop was a pioneering 3D, multi-touch, physics desktop interface inspired by real desks.  It was acquired by Google in 2010.  At Google, Anand worked on early versions of Android and Google Photos.

 Co-Founder and CPO

Jinha Lee

Co-founder and CPO

Jinha developed award-winning 3D interfaces at MIT, Microsoft, Samsung, and showed them in his TED Talk. He also designed the first prototype of Bradley, an innovative tactile wristwatch for the blind, one of the most successful kickstarter projects in 2013. He was named as one of the top 35 innovators under 35, and 32 greatest living designers.


Our Past Work

  BumpTop , 2006, Acquired by Google

BumpTop, 2006, Acquired by Google

  SpaceTop , 2012

SpaceTop, 2012

 ZeroN, 2011

ZeroN, 2011